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manage groups

Once the indexing process has done it's thing, you end up with a list of people that were found in your files. Sometimes however, the algorithm made a mistake: some are clearly not human faces and some people might have ended up with multiple cards.

It's also very likely that the system picked up a whole bunch of people you are not interested at. For instance, a picture with a bill-board or tv in the background containing a face. You might want to remove these from your collection.

To this end, the application provides the next features:


If you have multiple cards of the same person, you can merge them into 1 card in the wollowing ways:

  • drag and drop one card on top of another. The card that you drop the other one on, will remain.
  • select the card that will remain, next select the cards you want to merge into the first. Press on the merge command from the home menu.

In both cases, a popup will appear asking you to confirm the operation.

The merged card will maintain the face descriptor of all the merged faces. This means that next time the indexing process is run, the algorithm will know to put files into the correct card and not create a new one, thus improving the system.


The application provides the delete command to get rid of bad cards. You can choose to remove or ban cards from the application. In both cases, you can also opt to delete all the files from your system that are related to the cards being deleted.


If the system discovered people you don't really want in your collection, but you don't mind finding again in new pictures or are pretty certain they will never pop up again (ex: bad results), you can simply remove the entries. This will remove the indexes from the database entirely and wont keep any reference anymore.


If however, you want to actively prevent the face from being indexed ever again, you can ban it. In this case, whenever the system finds a face that matches the discroptor of the banned face, the image wont be indexed.