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Sort and filter

The application provides a number of sort and filter functions so you can quickly find the images you are looking for.


view menu

You can sort all the images ascending / descending according to one of the following features:

  • Age (as estimated from the image)
  • Face orientation
  • Eyes: the direction that the person is looking towards
  • Emotions: the most prominant emotion is used
  • Similarity: This sort method is a bit different from the other methods as it works both on the cards view and details view. It's also activated from the tools menu bar and only works after you have selected a card or picture/video.

This function will re-order the cards or pictures according to similarity of the


It's also possible to filter the values on 2 conditions. This is simultanious with the sort.

  • Age: lower and upper limit
  • Emotions: 1 or more emotions that must be detected in the image