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Manage Groups in Vidsy: Efficiently Handling Detected Faces

Once the Vidsy indexing process completes, you'll have a comprehensive list of people detected in your images and videos. These are displayed in the left-side panel. However, the algorithm may occasionally make errors, such as misidentifying non-human faces or creating multiple entries for the same person.

It's also common for the system to detect faces of individuals you're not interested in, such as those appearing in billboards or TVs in the background. You may want to remove these irrelevant entries from your collection.

To assist with this, Vidsy offers several features:

Moving Entries

If an image or video file is classified under the wrong person, you can easily reassign it using drag and drop. Here’s how to correct the index:

  • In the left-side column, click on the person whose card contains the misclassified file. This will display all the images currently assigned to that person in the right column.
  • Drag the image from the right-side panel and drop it onto the correct person’s card in the left-side panel.
  • To move multiple images or videos at once, select the desired items and drag one of them to the appropriate person’s card. All selected items will be moved together.

Note: Dropping an image as a new face will be available in an upcoming release and is currently not yet possible.

Merging Index Items

If you have multiple cards for the same person, you can merge them into a single card using one of the following methods:

Method 1:

  • Drag and drop one card onto another in the left-side panel. The card you drop the other one onto will remain.

Method 2:

  • Click on the first breadcrumb at the top of the right-side panel to switch from 'images' to 'people.'
  • Select all the people on the right-side panel that you want to remove from the index.
  • Drag the selected cards to the left-side panel and drop them onto the person you want to merge them into.

With both methods, a popup will appear asking you to confirm the operation.

The merged card will retain the face descriptors of all the merged faces, ensuring that future indexing processes correctly classify files and avoid creating duplicate entries, thus enhancing the system's precision.

Deleting Entries

Vidsy provides a delete command to remove unwanted entries. You can either remove or ban cards, and also opt to delete all related files from your system.


If the system has detected people you don’t want in your collection and you don’t mind if they get detected again in future images, you can simply remove these entries. This action completely deletes the indexes from the database, erasing all references.


To prevent a face from ever being indexed again, you can ban it. When the system encounters a face that matches the descriptor of a banned face, the image will not be indexed.

By using these features, you can efficiently manage and organize your detected faces in Vidsy, ensuring your collection remains relevant and accurate.